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Identify the problem


IHC, Corp. understands the complexities of the built environment and has developed an efficient and practical approach when performing evaluations and investigating buildings and building systems. IHC, Corp's ASSESSMENT services are designed to recognize potential problems by working closely with our clients and understanding their needs. An important step is evaluating environmental and building related deficiencies involves collecting problem-relevant information to fully understand the extent and scope of the issues involved. This information is critical in order to adequately develop corrective actions and implement strategies that solve the environmental and building related deficiencies identified as well as addressing client concerns in a cost-effective and timely fashion.

We follow all of the industry guidelines and standards when performing assessments for our customers. These include the most up to date recommendations published by the International Building and Residential Code, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Centers for Disease Control, IICRC S500 and S520, ASTM, OSHA as well as various guidelines outlined by the individual states throughout the country.

IHC, Corp. specializes in performing surveys that consist of identifying potential deficiencies  in a building prior to developing any corrective action. The purpose of the survey is generally to identify if any specific concerns that may need to be addressed including chemical, physical and biological hazards. This includes hazardous materials such as mold, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, asbestos, lead, etc. IHC, Corp. surveys and investigative reports are comprehensive, concise and clearly outline the source(s) of identified problems, outline the conditions present at the time of the assessment and recommend corrective actions when needed to solve the client problems.

IHC, Corp. utilizes the latest advanced technology and updated research methods and procedures to implement any investigative effort. The indoor air quality, restoration and industrial hygiene fields are constantly evolving to provide better information at a lower cost to the customer. IHC, Corp. is focused on keeping up with these trends in the industry in order to best assist our customers.

The technology commonly used by IHC, Corp. to properly assess an indoor air quality, restoration or industrial hygiene project includes non-destructive assessment methods, such as thermal imaging, real-time mold and bacteria biological testing using the Bio-reveal system, wall and ceiling cavity inspections using specialized boroscope technology, moisture mapping as well as web based monitoring tools used to evaluate conditions 24 hours a day.

Quite simply, our assessment services are designed to identify the problem and come up with a plan to fix it. That means at the time of evaluation, we will collect all of information needed to give you a detailed, accurate plan of what it’s going to take to get the job done right.