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IHC, Corp. performs within the framework of its clients' management needs and structure. IHC, Corp.’s MANAGEMENT services balance the complex relationship between people and the indoor environmental conditions within the buildings they occupy. IHC, Corp. acts as a true “owner representative,” to assist customers with their environmental management needs. We address indoor environmental management for our customers in a personal fashion. Our customers’ needs are our needs and we treat our customers’ needs as if they were our own. IHC, Corp. ensures ongoing, efficient and successful building health while balancing the need for occupant considerations whether the indoor environment is in a residential, commercial, institutional or industrial situation.

IHC, Corp. uses tested and proven strategies for implementing the framework to assist a customer in environmental management issues. This could range from understanding how indoor environmental conditions impact the operations of a company, impact the health and potential safety of occupants in their homes or within healthcare of educational facilities. IHC, Corp. works closely with it’s customers to appropriately apply the recommended or required federal, state and local regulations or industry guidelines to ensure long term compliance. IHC, Corp. strides for the goal of continual improvement and consistent application of good management practices to ensure worker or occupant satisfaction and compliance with the necessary or applicable regulations as they apply. IHC, Corp. provides various organizations with a structured approach for managing environmental and regulatory responsibilities to improve overall environmental performance, including areas not subject to regulation, such as resource conservation and energy efficiency. IHC, Corp. can also help organizations better integrate the full scope of environmental considerations and get better results, by establishing a continuous process of checking to make sure environmental goals are met.

IHC, Corp. management assistance and implementation ensures that procedures are in place for taking remedial action if or when problems occur. From a business perspective, IHC, Corp. can help make organizations more efficient and more competitive and help address other important issues, such as environmental emergency response and restoration management at key facilities. IHC, Corp. management services and assistance do not replace the need for regulatory and enforcement programs, but they can complement them. First adopted by manufacturing industries, environmental management services are now being used throughout the private sector, and increasingly, by public agencies of many different types. An environmental management program is a set of management processes and procedures that allows an organization to integrate environmental considerations into daily decisions and practices.  This tool includes processes for developing and continuously improving an organization’s environmental policy and goals under all media, and reducing negative environmental impacts, regulated and unregulated.