When disaster strikes your property, the damage can sometimes be enormous! Fire, flooding, hurricane damage, smoke and mold can damage your possessions, contaminate the air within the property and cause both long and short term problems for the building and occupants. Finding the fastest and most effective way to respond to this problem is the clearest way to correct to the situation. IHC, Corp. can quickly address disaster related problems for you with a sharp eye for detail and a skillful approach to restore specialty facilities quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Insurers, adjusters and policyholders across the country have come to expect a high level of performance, quality, and integrity. 

IHC, Corp. meets those expectations by providing large commercial property loss management professionals who understand the unique structural requirements of the reconstruction process and the challenges surrounding specialized facilities. From our track record of proven cost effectiveness, facility owners trust IHC, Corp. to provide the disaster restoration consulting, scope of work development and industrial hygiene services to improve their facility quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. IHC, Corp. responds to large commercial property loss and can deliver a complete plan of attack for restoration related activities, including water loss initial assessment, structural drying strategies, contents evaluation, microbial contamination concerns, etc.

When facing a disaster in your property or home, it's tempting to try to roll up your sleeves, grab some cleaning supplies, and get to work. However, even if the correct cleaning methods are being used, the person attempting the disaster restoration or mold remediation should be an experienced and certified professional. Otherwise they run the risk of doing more damage than good, or even putting themselves in risk of their health. No matter what kind of disaster restoration is needed, repairing a property is a complicated procedure. Fire can lead to flooded water, flooded water to moisture, and moisture to mold. Fires can burn from a combination of up to 100 chemical reactions, and smoke comes in many forms. And once the fire has been extinguished with water, it can collect in a wide variety of places where it supports the growth of mold, mildew and rot. Ultimately, the damage from mold and the residual smells of smoke from fire damage can go on for years. If your home has experienced fire, flooding, smoke damage or is in need of mold remediation, it's best to respond to the problem within 48 hours.
Common types of buildings IHC, Corp. has been involved with are as follows:
- Commercial / Office Buildings
- Educational Facilities
- Industrial and Manufacturing Plants
- Hotels
- Residential and Multi-Family Buildings
- Government Buildings
- Hospitals
- Churches
- Retirement Communities
- Sports Arenas
Managing the clean up and restoration of a property after a natural disaster, fire, or crime can be stressful and financially challenging. The expenses that are used to repair the damage can be minimized by using all of your available resources. Having home owners insurance, flood insurance, fire insurance, or renters insurance can truly pay off when the unexpected happens. Here are a few tips for disaster restoration services work with insurance companies.
Disaster restoration services can help to bring a damaged property up to acceptable health and in habitation standards. Trying to determine what tasks you should repair or clean up first alone can cost you thousands of dollars if you make a mistake. Each year thousands of people fix items that do not need repairing, keep items that could cause them to become ill, or loose all of their monetary resources before the project is completed. Even on a limited budget, you may be able to fix your property. The most important thing is to know what items you should be directing your money towards repairing. Disaster restoration services with work with insurance companies to offset the costs for repairing your property.

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