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IHC, Corp.'s approach to REMEDIATION of identified deficiencies is focused on protecting and improving the indoor environmental quality of a building and the health of the occupants. The highest priority in developing and implementing any contaminant or deficiency remediation project is communication with the customer, building occupants and the various professionals and contractors that might be associated with the remediation process. IHC, Corp. is experienced in providing clear and concise direction to its customers and remediation partners to ensure the full extent of the process is properly defined and the project scope of work is clearly communicated. Successful remediation of any deficient situation will always follow those basic rules to ensure the project meets the expectations of the customer, provide a safe work environment for those implementing the remediation work and ultimately protect the health of everyone involved including any occupants.

In some cases, especially those involving large or extensive environmental deficiencies or presence of chemical and biological contamination or physical hazards, the remediation plan may include temporary relocation of some or all of the building occupants. IHC, Corp. is committed to assisting its customers in a professional manner with the promise to implement any remediation activity with minimal disruption to business operations and/or the occupants. IHC, Corp. is aware of the challenges its customers have to deal with during any remediation work being performed and we pride ourselves in acting as a true “owner representative” when getting the work done. That means we make it our priority to meet our clients’ expectations and needs as if they were our own. By the completion of remediation services, IHC, Corp. ensures ongoing, efficient and successful building health.

In all cases that require some level of remediation either for chemical, biological or physical hazards, IHC, Corp. will develop a project plan or scope of work specification that acts as the road map to success. Our experience in this function separates IHC, Corp. from the competition and is a key component to successful remediation of any deficiency. IHC, Corp. designs project specifications for all aspects of the remediation work that will address the deficiencies in question. When designing project specifications, we always consider the safety of the workers implementing the project as a major priority as well as the safety of the environment, and the reality the work must be completed on time and on budget. We do not put unnecessary or complicated scientific wording into our specifications, and because of our extensive quality control measures, our clients have confidence they are receiving the highest quality project plan and specification possible. The remediation plan typically covers the scope of work being implemented, the use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and includes steps to carefully contain and control the work environment to ensure success. A remediation plan may vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the job, and may require revision if circumstances change or new facts are discovered. Because of IHC, Corp.’s experience in project design and hands on work in the field on hundreds of remediation and corrective action projects, our clients know and are confident that we have taken into account variables found in the field into consideration.  From work area preparation to removal, to cleanup, to decontamination, to disposal, safety is always the primary concern when we are completing the work. When IHC, Corp. presents a project plan or scope of work specification to a customer, the customer has confidence that by following the plan, their occupants and workers will be safe, and the work will be completed on-time and on budget.