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Energy Audits/Building Recommissioning


For most businesses, the use of energy or excess energy is a problem that is beginning to have real implications. The push to become “green” in all aspects of our life and business has caused a global shift in how people and businesses use and conserve energy. For instance lighting is a main driver of energy bills, accounting for up to 44 percent of monthly energy bills. Every step to lower your lighting use, from installing energy-efficient lighting to limiting lights to where and when you need them, can significantly lower your energy bills and earn substantial rebates. Additionally, re-commissioning energy assessments can help you find and solve mechanical system problems that make your facility expensive to operate.

Studies show that typical recommissioning projects result in savings of 5 to 20 percent of total building energy costs, with many measures having simple paybacks of less than one year. Our recommissioning services cover both commissioning of previously commissioned buildings (Recommissioning) and buildings that were never formally commissioned (Retrocommissioning).

Many buildings need a tune-up rather than a replacement of building equipment. Recommissioning is an economical way to improve your building’s performance without investing in equipment upgrades. Most Recommissioning measures have low or no costs, but can result in savings of up to 10 percent. Most buildings are not built with energy efficiency in mind, while existing buildings rarely go through a quality-assurance process that focuses on energy use. As a result, few buildings run as efficiently as they could. Often building owners inherit energy management systems that are installed and programmed for an original purpose, never to be re-evaluated for additional building changes. Owners can run into common airflow problems that result in too much or too little building ventilation, but have little time to review options and outcomes due to constant occupant requests. Our Recommissioning program can help solve these issues. We offer study funding and implementation rebates to help you identify ways to improve the efficiency and performance of your existing equipment.

With recommissioning you can:
- Optimize HVAC equipment operations and building automation systems
- Fine-tune time of day schedules
- Improve indoor air quality
- Suggest new and advanced equipment control strategies
- Reduce equipment wear and tear

IHC, Corp. can help you reduce your energy consumption, make critical energy-related decisions that can improve your operating costs and general budget. IHC, Corp. offers energy analysis services and consulting to meet your energy conservation needs for today and into the future. IHC, Corp’s core services are related to existing building operations including energy assessments for lighting systems, recommissioning for the building HVAC systems and overall power consumption related to general operations of the building systems (mechanical, heating and cooling). IHC, Corp. uses methods and protocols outlined by the government and other recognized organizations such as ASHRAE and related engineering authorities.