Blue Science Solutions is a line of cleaning and sanitizing products that is created by electrochemical activated water (ECA). The ECA process combines simple water, salt and electricity to yield a safe, cost effective and ultra “green” cleaning and disinfecting products.  The Blue Science Solutions are completely non-toxic, replaces existing chemicals that harm people and the environment and are a fraction of the cost. Where Blue is beyond Green.

The Quick Mold Test detects mold contamination in less than 1 minute and is ideal for screening for mold on building materials and contents.  Anyone can use it, and the results are easily interpreted with a simple color change.  Great for inspections, water loss screening and PRV testing.

blue science solutions 


The bio-reveal ATP detection system is the simplest, most reliable and most cost-effective rapid testing tool available for measuring mold, bacteria and bio-films.

Quick mold test 



Real-Time Microbial Detection System.

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