October 2014
"I thought you might appreciate an update on the evaluation you made on our property located on Dwellers Way. It has been many months since you came by but this is what the Board of Directors approved and I think it complies with all your recommendations and is a pretty good plan. Thanks for coming by. Your professional services were invaluable and was the catalyst that moved the Board of Directors to take action to remediate this issue."

​~ Stephen (Minnesota Homeowner)

December 2012
We want to extend our sincere thanks to each of you for your assistance, support and willingness to step up with conviction as to your role in helping us to manage the construction negligence issues at our cabin and to bring the cabin to a state of complete repair. Through all of the case, the defense argued that the decisions I made as to rebuilding entire sections of cabin impacted by the builder and mason’s negligence were excessive and I could have repaired things more cheaply.  Of all the decisions made during the past year, the complete and comprehensive rebuild of every affected area of the cabin and complete remediation of property is the decision I am most certain of and most proud of.  We completed the work, not to the satisfaction of some pirate insurance company but to our satisfaction for a complete repair. In that regard, we win big time because we have a restored family cabin to enjoy into the future.  Perhaps in some form, justice was served.  The time, effort and emotion invested to bring this to a conclusion is now behind us. 

~ Mr. & Mrs. Garry (Homeowners)

December 2008
"I was hoping you would be able to talk on the recovery efforts a little and what you did and saw at Mercy, if that's ok with you.  I have been told that they will make room for us to have a presentation if we want it.  I could certainly talk on it, but you are the expert.  My job and Mercy's recovery went SOOOO much better with you there! I wouldn't have even known where to begin! I definitely want that credit to go where it is due!"

~Stacy(Medical-Mercy Care)

March 2009
"By the way- used the Bio Reveal on a hospital site yesterday and it was a fabulous tool."




May 2013
"By the way, I like the way you formatted your report.  Specifically, I like the inclusion of photos and information regarding which molds are considered to be allergens and which identify water issues.   I have 600+ stores across the nation and deal with mold on a monthly basis.  I would like to use your company again.

~ Chris (Retail-Facilities and Maintenance Manager)

March 2010
"Thank you Slade. The basement does get water occasionally. And the bedroom closet does have a winter water problem (when the ice melts). I am working on getting the basement and closet water problems fixed. I always felt uneasy that I was spending over $5,000 on mold remediation without getting a second opinion. I truly appreciate you taking the time to review the report and your timing was perfect!"

~ Brett (Homeowner)