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Industrial hygiene is a term designed to evoke a simple view of what the practice means. However, it comes from a time when the words had a different interpretation to themIndustrial seems clear enough - practicing in a work or factory setting, but even that gets blurred these days when defining a problem in an office setting. Hygiene comes from the area of practice relating to cleanliness, sanitation, or health. Therefore, as initially determined, an Industrial Hygienist (IH) is a professional who is dedicated to the health and well-being of the worker. Typically, this would have an IH evaluating the health effects of chemicals or noise in a work place. This has been expanded a bit by the changing of our society from an industrial/agricultural base to more of a service economy to address issues of productivity. It also now relates to an expansion of workplace to areas of the community outside the traditional place of employment.

IHC, Corp.’s industrial hygiene services are provided by highly experienced and specially trained professionals. The focus of our industrial hygiene services is to identify and assess potential hazards in the workplace or in a residential setting depending on the issue. The primary categories our industrial hygiene services address are: Biological, Chemical and Physical hazards. National Institute of Safety and Health and Occupational Safety and Health Administration methods and guidelines are followed. State-of-the-art, calibrated equipment is utilized. All analytical work is conducted by American Industrial Hygiene Association accredited laboratories. Building related occupants frequently consist of general symptoms potentially related to indoor air quality that include headache, fatigue, dryness and nausea. These discomfort symptoms may relate to inadequate fresh air, but could also stem from personal health conditions or stress. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) assessments assist companies in identifying true building-related air quality problems and resolution. An IAQ assessment generally consists of a building walkthrough, review of the accessible heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, conversations with occupants or persons with complaints and air quality or environmental monitoring. OSHA requires written programs for many health and safety hazards.

IHC, Corp. can develop and assist with implementation of site-specific, functional programs for topics such as hazard communication, respiratory protection, industrial hygiene monitoring, hearing conservation, confined space entry, lock out/tag out, thermal stress management, and others. Our industrial hygiene and safety professionals provide facility audits to assess compliance with OSHA and employer standards. Written programs, work practices, record keeping, employee behavior and work environments are evaluated to assess program status. Hazard assessments are provided as an aid to identify and rank risks to aid in so resource allocation proportional to the hazard. Assessments vary in depth and scope, depending on customer needs.

Air contaminant monitoring is conducted to address employee complaints, OSHA inquiries, or to establish a baseline of the exposure. Air contaminant monitoring usually involves a comprehensive pre-assessment, including plant tour, meetings with specific personnel to acquire necessary exposure information, and review of Material Safety Data Sheets. Full shift representative air contaminant monitoring is then conducted.
We understand the hazards that could cripple a business. IHC, Corp.’s industrial hygiene services are designed to improve safety and prevent or mitigate losses such as water loss, physical hazard losses or chemical related losses. We first analyze the loss history and understand the business issues, then develop solutions geared toward removing the loss causes so history does not repeat itself. We work closely with many levels of an organization to craft asset management and loss prevention solutions that help businesses have greater control over downtime and more influence on their bottom line.

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